“I looked and felt OLD and my clothes kept getting tighter and tighter…I’m 42, 5’6 and I’ve lost over 30 pounds!”    -Jeni., Missouri City




“I’ve been with Mind Body Total Fitness for over 3 years.  My fitness is the best ever and my body has been transformed.  I highly recommend this program!  They guide you in every aspect of your health.  Thanks so much.”    -Janette., Manvel

“They are the most passionate and dedicated trainers I know, they are 100% committed to making sure you hit any goal you set for yourself.”-Clarrisa., Friendswood


“This fitness camp has been the best thing for me.  In the past I would avoid group training thinking I could do it better solo.  Boy was I wrong.  I really needed the support and “push” to get fit.  I’ve been going for over 9 months and I truly LOVE IT.  I think all of the trainers are incredible.  They know and understand all of the members challenges and goals, and make every class different and fun.  Getting to know the other women i the group was a great added bonus. “           -Carolyn., Pearland



“After making a few adjustments in my lifestyle, I’m noticing that my clothes are fitting better.  I recommend this program to all and I will definitely do it again.”  -Donna, Pearland





“I won’t lie, when I started with Mind Body Total Fitness I wasn’t really expecting to get in shape.  I just thought i’d try it for a while and then quit!  But after working with my trainer I felt more motivated than ever in my life.  I saw and felt the results in in weight loss and my strength and endurance.  I also felt like I was part of a team that was encouraging, and that made me want to encourage others. 

I defiantly want to thank my trainer and group members that encouraged and motivated me to develop a belief in myself that I could actually do the exercises.  I feel happy, proud of what I’ve accomplished and healthier than I have in a long time, not just physically but also mentally.”-Sarah, Manvel

“The difference is that the trainers take your goal on board and do what it takes to help you NAIL IT!  If you have the why they will show you the how.” -Maire, Pearland


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