Body Analysis Testing is a measurement of a person’s fat mass and fat free (lean) mass. Testing your body composition can be a great way to set, monitor and reach realistic health and fitness goals. General measurements such as weight and BMI can be less specific in relation to a person’s general health and individual goals. Body composition tests are a great way to set a baseline before starting a routine or program and to track progress throughout a program. With any weight loss there will be some loss in lean body mass as well as fat mass. Body composition tests can help you monitor fat loss and muscle maintenance to help you to better reach your health and fitness goals. 
Body Analysis Assessment testing is conducted at each and every camp location. Any additional information, dates and time please go to the Body Analysis Testing Page. Campers please be informed that Body Analysis Testing Assessment are NOT mandatory. Campers who desire to keep track of your result progression throughout the course of our program will have this available for you to track your success.
Every 12 weeks of being a FIT CHAMPION Member at Mind Body Total Fitness Outdoor Weight Lose Camp program, you will receive a 10% OFF body analysis assessment testing.

A fitness assessment is a great way to evaluate your current fitness level. It includes a series of measurements that help determine physical fitness and are a great way to gauge your current fitness level. What you should know and how to prepare:

• Wear athletic shorts, t-shirt and athletic shoes.

• Drink plenty of fluids over the 24-hour period preceding the test to ensure normal hydration prior to the testing.

• Avoid heavy meals, tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine for at least 3 hours before testing. You may have a small snack 30 minutes to 1 hour before the test.

• Avoid exercise or strenuous physical activity the day of the test.

• Get an adequate amount of sleep (6-8 hours) the night before the test.

A Fitness Assessment measures the following:

  •  Height and Weight Measurements
  •  Resting Heart Rate-To take your resting heart rate, you will sit in a chair or on a bench, feet on the floor in a relaxed position.  Your pulse will be take on your writs to determine your resting heart rate.  The best time to find out your resting heart rate is in the morning, after a good night’s sleep, and before you get out of bed. The average heart beats about 60 to 80 times a minute when at rest. Resting heart rate usually rises with age, and it’s generally lower in physically fit people.
  •  Blood Pressure-Your Blood Pressure will be taken with an automatic blood pressure monitor. Resting heart rate and blood pressure are important indicators to measure as you begin and progress in your fitness routine. The 1st number: systolic pressure is the pressure generated when the heart contracts. The 2nd number: diastolic pressure is the blood pressure when the heart is relaxed.
  •  Body Composition-Body Composition measures the ratio of lean body mass to fat mass with skin fold measurements. We strongly suggest wearing comfortable, loose fitting clothing (shorts and a t-shirt). Body composition measurements are most accurate when taken first thing in the morning before consuming any food or drink.
  •  Sit-up Test/min-The Sit-Up Test test the ability of your muscles to exert force over and extended period of time.
  •  Push-up Test/min-The Push-Up Test test the ability of your muscles to exert force over and extended period of time.
  •  Step Test-The Step Test estimates your aerobic fitness level by performing a 3-minute step test on a 12-inch step.
  •  Sit and Reach-The Sit and Reach test is the most common way to measure lower back and hamstring flexibility. You will be well warmed up by the time you do the sit and reach test. Place the ruler on the ground between your legs (0 end lined up with your feet) or on the top of the step. Place one hand on top of the other, then reach slowly forward. At the point of your greatest reach, hold for a couple of seconds, and we will measure how far you have reached. You will have 2 practice reaches, then on the third hold your reach for 3 seconds.

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